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Working alongside an artist, Sara helps them to identify their own natural style, build confidence and explore self-owned movement languages based upon their instinctive tendencies. Rather than moulding artists into something pre-prescribed, Sara works collaboratively to guide them towards achieving a powerful, visually captivating, confident performance. 

Sara also works with artists on pre-performance prep, stamina, tension release and individuality to offer methods of support and enhancement, easy go-to checks to encourage best practise.  In a high pressure environment -often chaotic and full of distraction- finding the necessary focus, composure and intention in the 5 minutes before walking on stage is always a challenge. 


Sara works with both individuals and groups on cohesion, shared dynamics and on-stage relationships to expand their performance capabilities.

Clients include:

Fran Lobo


I worked with Sara on finding a movement language and expressing myself more confidently both on stage as a performer and for my next music video.


Sara was incredible to work with and she was very receptive and attentive to the way I moved, often helping to reveal movements that I wasn't even conscious of.


She was so passionate and used her expertise to encourage and empower me to create a movement language that was truly unique, developing ways I move in martial art, dancehall, choral conducting and fusing them all together to create a trajectory that was so inspiring, supporting me to create a real character and presence when performing.


She is an amazingly calming and supportive person to be around and to work with and I truly believe she is a special talent.

Laura Misch.jpg

Laura Misch

low island.jpeg

Low Island


Working with Sara has been fantastic.


As a movement director, she brings a profound knowledge and understanding of her field, as well as a broader contextual approach through her extensive experience in other artistic mediums.


As a performance coach, we have found our sessions with Sara incredibly useful and insightful. A band’s dynamic on stage, as well as each individual’s performance, is crucial in communicating the band’s music and character. Our work with Sara has helped us to try out and discover new ways of performing that feel natural to the band, while also pushing us out of our comfort zones.


Sara’s incredibly engaging and enthusiastic character makes for an informal and highly productive rehearsal environment, where we have all felt completely comfortable and free to try out different ideas.


Sara is able to understand the unique qualities of the different projects she works on, and then tailor her guidance depending on what she feels the project needs or is lacking.


As a result of our work together we feel significantly more confident on stage and have taken ideas from the sessions which we have then been able to continue developing together as a band. We cannot recommend her enough.

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