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individually curated sessions
time-sensitive in design, working to deadline, around your schedule
whether you’re looking for in-depth character development work
or to simply to find physical freedom and confidence in performance
sign up for a free, 20 minute consultation to discuss what sessions could look like for you
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  • I’m not in work right now, how could a session benefit me?"
    Use this time to extend your movement skills; engage with a new theory strand [e.g Laban]; or reflect on your personal movement habits and behaviours to improve your Neutral Body. This is the perfect time to invest in your skills and expand your knowledge base.
  • I’ve been working a long time, what could I learn?"
    Treat this as a chance to unlearn some of those acting habits or crutches you use as a shortcut, and refresh your approach to building dynamic character. Movement theories evolve and improve over time; why not keep your process alive with some new exploration.
  • I’ve just got my first tv/film role, what will these sessions offer me?"
    A close up consideration of the physical detail required for acting on screen - behaviour, posture, inter-personal relationships. Especially useful for those who have spent most of their time on stage, these sessions offer useful tools for switching into screen acting mode.
  • I’m already working with a voice coach, how could it help to have these sessions as well?"
    Grounding your vocal choices in the body and movement of the character, offers a dynamically complete character construction. After years of working in drama schools to align my teaching with the resident voice coaches, I can confidently say - if you’re taking voice coaching for a role, it’s a no brainer to align this work with physical choices.
  • I’m a confident physical actor, what could these sessions do for me?"
    The best actors are constantly looking for new approaches to keep their craft alive and fresh. Treat these sessions as an MOT - a chance to assess what works well for you, and what can be pushed further.
  • I should be at drama school, but Coronavirus has meant I’m in lockdown. Can these sessions help me continue my studies?"
    Yes - it’s entirely possible to structure these sessions to work as module support for drama school. Arrange a consultation to discuss what you’ve been working on so far, and how we could keep your studies moving.
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