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I’m a confident performer and musician, why would I benefit from these sessions?

Perhaps you’re looking for help finding a new vibe for an upcoming music video; want to find dance moves that suit your skills and natural movement, or need an experienced eye to take a look over your online set. See these sessions as a chance to work with a rehearsal director without the hefty pricetag.

Can you help with calming nerves and anxiety on stage and pre show?

Absolutely, performing your own work can be a daunting and anxious process, however there are many tips and tricks to calming those nerves both pre-show and during performance. We would work together to find what works best for you.

I’m preparing for a music video, what can a session help with?

After working on music videos as both a choreographer and movement director, I’m used to working with both the artist and the creative team to sew the vision together physically. We can use sessions to find natural, dynamic movement options for you in performance; as well as expand these choices out to work in with environmental and conceptual considerations for the promo itself.

I’ve been performing a long time; what can you help improve?

Perhaps you’ve got stuck in some particular performance habits; found you’re imitating other performers rather than finding your own language; or would like to some professional feedback on your performance style. Treat this as an MOT - a chance to reflect and refresh your performance choices.

How can you help me build my brand?

Physical performance, posture, even behaviour on stage and set, can be a set of deliberate choices, subtly choreographed to support the overall vibe of your brand as an artist. Look at performers such as David Byrne, MJ, FKA Twigs; their behaviour, movement and delivery is by design, and highly effective.

I should be on tour right now, but Coronavirus has meant I’m in lockdown. Can these sessions help me build my online following?

Absolutely - now you’re having to figure out how to connect to your audience through the far more intimate lens of someone’s computer screen. Together we can find performance mechanisms that successfully deliver your individuality, and achieve a dynamic online offering that will encourage your audience to support and share your work, building an effectively expanding following.