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Sara works with actors and musicians to find authenticity in their performance choices in live and filmed work 

Working alongside an artist, Sara helps them to identify their own natural style, build confidence and explore self-owned movement languages based upon their instinctive tendencies. Rather than moulding artists into something pre-prescribed, Sara works collaboratively to guide them towards achieving a powerful, visually captivating, confident performance. 

Sara also works with artists on pre-performance prep, stamina, tension release and individuality to offer methods of support and enhancement, easy go-to checks to encourage best practise.  In a high pressure environment -often chaotic and full of distraction- finding the necessary focus, composure and intention in the 5 minutes before walking on stage is always a challenge. 


Sara works with both individuals and groups on cohesion, shared dynamics and on-stage relationships to expand their performance capabilities.

How long is a session and what does it cost?
A standard session is 1hr30 and costs £80/$100.
The total number of sessions is agreed between us, based on what you’re hoping to achieve and the timeframe required. 
Can I have a consultation first?
Absolutely, I offer a free, 20 minute consultation to all prospective clients.
It’s a great way for us to determine if these sessions are right for you, how we would structure them and what we can explore.
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